POSABLE – Part 2

Gently and safely discover a REST (REsonant STability) position for each DOMAIN

(at the moment we  have only discussed the PHYSICAL domain )

by using the STABLE and RESONANCE scales.

Each conclusion can be recorded as part of your personalised MAP (Mutually Agreed Profile)

We are going to use the letters from the word STABLE to help us discover our stability position.


ST – Safe Talk (including listening to what you sense your body is saying)

This resonance scale may help

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Boundary
  • Borderline
  • Conflict
  • Tense
  • Pressure
  • Strain
  • Stress,
  • Distress
  • Depression (either up (frantic) or down (lethargic)

A – Accept and acknowledge your position

Gently and safely try to accept your position.

(Any dissonance (discomfort) prompts areturn to ST(Safe talk))

B – Believe

Gently and safely try to discover a  position you believe to be more comfortable.

(Noting the resonance scale for guidance)

L – Live

Gently and safely try to live what you believe.

E – Express

Gently an safely begin to discover a way of expressing your position to somebody              else.

POSABLE – Part 1

The key purpose of

POSABLE(Personal Operating System Asset Based Learning Environment) is the creation of a personalised language to establish your own REST( REsonant STability ) position.

The key concept being the human equivalent to a Plimsoll Line; giving the MAP(Mutually Agreed Profile)ping of personalised space.

The acronym PERSONALISED SPACE is our guide.

The first stage is the consideration of PERSON.

P reminds us that we are PHYSICAL beings.


As physical beings we have been BRED.


         The most restful way to breathe is by using our diaphram.


         Place a hand on your chest and below your diaphram.

         When you  breathe  which hand moves.

         Adjust breathing accordingly until you are only using your diaphram. 

         ( A further target is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.)

  • REST

          Key, here, is sleep at night. (Less than 4 hours has similiar impact as drunkenness)

          We each learn ways of resting when awake.

          At this stage physical position is important.

          Varying from lying down to standing up and including sitting.

  • EXERCISE This can be as simple as moving around.
  • DIET  A balance diet that considers the climate and conditions you are living with.             Hydration is important.(Noting salt levels in the water).  Solids are also                important. Food for mental health

What is POSABLE ?

POSABLE(Personal Operating System Asset Based Learning Environment)is the latest phase of my plimlogger tool, for mapping personalised space.

POSABLE journeys for individuals and groups can be combined  with STATUS,a tool  for Mutually Agreed Profile(MAP) collation. The placing of information in the public domain will be under the Plimline Parrot Press banner. In the interim collating and updating


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